Heaven’s Promised Champion’s Affiliate Compensation Plan

14 “Many are invited, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14)

Being a “Miracle Worker Affiliate” is reserved for those whom the Holy Spirit calls to help spread the Word of God and care for those in need.  We answer the call by performing two basic tasks in our spare time. We give away copies of the book Heaven’s Promised Champion, and we generate donations for HELP 100!

In addition to spreading the Word of God, giving books away also serves to stimulate the power of word-of-mouth advertising that we rely on to accomplish both objectives. After all, the most successful books of all time attribute their true success to word-of-mouth advertising! Thankfully, our model is amplified and synergized by the fact that it is not just word-of-mouth, but instead, Word-of-Mouth.

The Miracle Worker Affiliate plan is modeled after one of the most successful word-of-mouth book affiliate plans ever. Amazon.com! With a couple of enhancements! 1) Since Heaven’s Promised Champion. Inc. is a non-profit corporation, we don’t have to retain money for stockholders. And 2) the book royalties have been gifted to the Miracle Worker Affiliate plan by the author. After operational expenses, we take all the marketing proceeds usually earned by: the author, the publisher, the stockholders, celebrity endorsers, and retail stores, etc… and we pay all this money out to those Affiliates who actually spread the Word.  

The compensation is paid out in two ways.

  1. As an Affiliate, you earn a 10% retail sales commission on all books purchased by anyone that you personally refer.
  2. As an Affiliate, you will have the opportunity to share in the remaining compensation of all company book sales each month. This money is divided equally into five compensation pools (20% each pool) and is paid out in it’s entirety in the following month. We call them “Talent Pools”!

We call our word of mouth advertising format… your Family Tree. When Jesus sent His early disciples out to spread the Word and care for those in need He sent them “two by two.” And Christianity has grown to over 2 billion people. This is how your Family Tree will grow: 2 x 2 for unlimited generations high. As your Family Tree grows, you share in the Talent Pools with all other Affiliates whose Family Trees have grown to the heights designated below.

Talent Pool Eligibility

Talent Pool 1 =        30 active Affiliates in your Family Tree.
Talent Pool 2 =        60 active Affiliates in your Family Tree.
Talent Pool 3 =      100 active Affiliates in your Family Tree.
Talent Pool 4 =   1,000 active Affiliates in your Family Tree.
Talent Pool 5 =   5,000 active Affiliates in your Family Tree.

As your Family Tree grows and you progress to the next Talent Pool height, you will continue to earn from the previous Talent Pools as well. For example, once your Family Tree grows to 5,000 active Affiliates, you will earn a portion of all five Talent Pools each month.

Your portion of the Talent Pool is calculated based on the number of Talents you own.

The number of Talents you own will be determined by how many books you choose to purchase and give away when you become an Affiliate.

Each Talent you own is worth one equal portion of each Talent Pool in which you are eligible to share.

The value of a Talent is calculated each month based on the company’s total book sales.


Affiliate (1 Talent per pool) – 2 books to give away each month $60 (*plus shipping and handling) per month.

Those Affiliates who want to acquire more Talents, and who want to get their Family Trees and their income started growing quickly, can participate in our Fast-Start program.

Elite Affiliate (2 Talents per pool) – 30 books x 5% discount = $855*

Super Affiliate (4 Talents per pool) – 60 books x 10% discount = $1,620* 

Star Affiliate (7 Talents per pool) – 100 books x 16.67% discount = $2,500* 

Apostle Affiliate (14 Talents per pool) – 210 books x 20% discount = $5,000*

The next two Affiliate designations are designed for those who want to HELP financially but are unable to give books away. We will match these with Affiliates who want to HELP but do not have the financial resources. 

Angel Affiliate (30 Talents per pool) – 445 books x 25% discount = $10,000*  Two Elite Affiliates will be assigned to you to give the books away and build your Family Tree. 

Trinity Affiliate – $50,000*  Includes four assigned Elite Affiliates and one full-time (40 hour per week) Affiliate to recruit and build your Family Tree. Call for details! 1-765-373-8235


To earn your portions of the Talent Pools you must be “Active” and “Qualified”:

Active – Actively participating by personally purchasing and giving away a minimum of 2 books per month and by making a personal recurring donation to HELP 100 each month. (Fast Start Affiliates are deemed to have satisfied their monthly book purchase requirement for one year.)

Qualified –  To be “Qualified” for compensation an Affiliate must be actively growing both branches of their Family Tree. This will benefit all Affiliates by keeping the Compensation Pools from becoming diluted by those who are not truly active. To achieve this goal, the smaller of an Affiliates two branches must have at least 20% of their active affiliates to be Qualified for each Compensation Pool. This will serve to protect the interest of all Affiliates who are truly “active.”

All donations to HELP 100, are charitable contributions and are income tax deductible as such.**

All Affiliates are self employed, independent business owners and therefor in most cases, the money spent on books is a tax deductible business expense (advertising). Affiliates might also be entitled to numerous other income tax deductions as a part-time small business owner.**

Click here for more information on these potential income tax benefits.

**We highly recommend you seek advice from a professional tax adviser as to how these potential tax deductions will effect you based on your specific circumstances.